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PickleBall Athletics Club is always looking for volunteers!


A Marshall is generally the “gatekeeper” during Open Play.  Duties include checking membership cards at the door, welcoming new players, organizing courts and paddles for open play, answering questions and providing overall supervision. A Marshall must have good people skills and interact with members in a clear, respectful and compassionate manner.  The Marshall can participate in Open Play as long as they can satisfactorily perform their duties. If that’s you, we would love for you to be part of the PAC family.  


The Introductory Class is intended to teach the fundamentals of pickleball to new beginners. A beginner curriculum will be provided for teaching the basic rules, shots, strategy, strokes, etc. at an introductory beginner level. The introductory class will last about 30 mins. Most classes will be at the beginning of Open Play.  Instructors must be experienced players with the knowledge and skill to teach the beginner curriculum. If you are patient, energetic, passionate, reliable and most of all love to teach we would love to have you as one of our instructors.  


Committee Member is all about growing the club and making PAC better for the members and the community.  Some of the general duties are public relations, media, help promote and generate memberships, customer care, complaints, discipline, getting sponsors for any events,  programs and technical instruction development, referee, teaching certifications, scheduling, staffing and tournaments. These are just some of the general duties that can be shared between the committee members.  Committee members will be working closely with the director and must be good at planning and organizing, strong at communicating, very reliable, a good leader and the courage to make difficult decisions when required.  The most important attribute is the ability to get things done in an efficient and timely manner.  

Please let us know which of these positions are of interest to you!  Contact us at info@pbaclub.com with a brief background or resume about yourself and we will set up an interview. 

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