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PickleBall Camps

At PickleBall Athletics,  we offer camps throughout the year which usually will consist of a day camp or up to 3 day Camps.  Every Camp is different, however most of them will focus on non-volley zone positioning, strategies, "dinking", 3rd shot drop, volleys, block volleys, court positioning and point play with instruction.  This is a great opportunity to receive instruction from experienced pros in order to improve your skills or get prepared for the league and tournaments in the area.
Check the SCHEDULE and stay tuned for any upcoming camps.

PickleBall Clinics

There are a variety of clinics that are offered throughout the year.  The clinics can range from Beginner level where you are taught the basic principles of PickleBall to Advanced clinic where they will help you groove high percentage shots, learn how to anticipate and defend or “put your shot where they’re not.”  Most clinics will range from 1 to 2 hours.  Check the SCHEDULE and stay tuned for any upcoming clinics.

*Contact Us for any additional information.

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