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*Schedule is subject to change without notice.  Please check back regularly for any updates.



OPEN PLAY  Cost: Members Free, Non-Members $10   Register HERE

(open to all-16 yrs old and Up-max 48 players)

Open Play events are designed to allow beginners the opportunity to enjoy and learn the sport while advanced players work on their game. Open Play is available to all skill levels players. A specific time and court is assigned according to the player's skill level.  Open recreational play is all about having fun and playing multiple players with or against.  Get out and play with other pickleball enthusiasts a couple days per week or even more. Open play is a great way to meet new friends and practice your skills. You don’t need to gather a group of friends to go play, you can just show up by yourself and get in on a game. Don’t be shy, pickleballers are friendly and fun.

FAMILY OPEN PLAY Cost: Members Free, Non-Members $10   Register HERE

Come and enjoy some quality time with your kids and grandkids.  PAC offers playtime sessions every week year round.  Family open play is used as learning and practice time with the kids while having fun.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.

ROUND ROBIN Cost: Members Free, Non-Members $10   Register HERE

A Round Robin is a structured form of play organized by skill level. It is designed so that all players are playing against people of roughly equal ability, which makes play the most fun and reasonably competitive for the majority of players.  Unless you hold a USAPA skill level rating already, whatever skill level you determine you are, determines the Round Robin you play in.  On the day of the play, a participant will be assigned to a group of 4 or 5 teammates where they will play a total of 3-4 games. You may have a “bye” meaning where you sit out for one game if there is an uneven number of players signed up.  The person with the highest amount of points or win/lose percentage wins! Round Robins are fun, competitive and challenging.  Please arrive no later then 15 minutes before the game.  *Must register ahead.  For skill definitions  IFP Rating Descriptions

TOURNAMENT PREPARATION Cost: Members Free, Non-Members $10  

 Register HERE

This time slot is open to our competitive players.  It gives an opportunity for competitive practice with your partner as you tune up for an upcoming tournament. You’ll be able to play against others with the same goal in mind while you test and refine your skills. It is usually a group of 4-12 players and it is about playing back to back and maybe playing with a certain partner.  All that is asked of our players is that they will play or commit to play in TWO tournaments this year anywhere except in the West Palm Beach area. Please respect this request. This is not the day where you show up so you can test your skills against these serious students. Better to find a partner and enter a tournament. 


The format of League Play is designed so that players play mostly with others of similar skill levels. Your individual or team ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage and total of points acquired during the league. Players or teams will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the 6 or 8 most recent weeks of play will be used for this calculation depending on the duration of the league.  Must register ahead.

League Play #1 (6-8 week-Ladder league-no partner needed) 

The no-partner format provides for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may enter or leave a ladder at any time or miss a week or more because of their schedule as long as they inform the ladder captain before the schedule is made out for the upcoming week.

League Play #2 (6-8 week-Ladder league-team partner needed) 

The team partner format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The ranking is based on the team winning percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Teams will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the 6 or 8 most recent weeks will be used for the calculation ahead.  

*Stay tuned for League dates.

*Contact Us for any additional information.

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