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Determining Players skills and levels of play.

PickleBall Athletics Club is a certified and registered club with the IPTPA (International PickleBall Teaching Professional Association).  IPTPA is the world leader in developing the teaching and rating standards world wide in the sport of pickleball.

At PAC, our goal is to provide our members with the highest standards and qualifications to provide more opportunities for player development, challenging play at your level and making it fun for everyone for all levels. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE for a player to know which level they are at before attending any Open Play, Round Robin, classes, tournaments, etc.

Whether you are a recreational or competitive player, playing at your own level will only make you become a better player as you go through the progressions and establish the proper standards skills foundations for each level.

Player levels range from 1.0 to 5.0.  Player should also possess all the previous skill levels requiremennts as well as their current level.  If you are missing more than one skill at a level, choose the previous level. Skills are meant to be assessed in a real game situation.

To help identify which level to play at for all PAC events, please refer to the skills assessments definitions below. 

IPTPA Skill Assessment 1.0-1.5 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.0 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.5 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.0 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.5 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 4.0 Players

IPTPA Skill Assessment 4.5-5.0 Players

PAC will constantly be reviewing and monitoring players throughout all organized plays to balance the rosters.  

Please be aware that there may be occasions where a player will be asked to play in a different session or change courts or switch classes where there is not a good fit in level. Therefore, please read the skill levels carefully and pick your levels of play appropriately.   Please be understanding that the level of play need to be balanced for everyone’s mutual enjoyment.

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