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*Skills are meant to be assessed in a real game situation*

Minimum of 80% needed to pass to the next rating level

LEVEL 4.0 (should also possess all 3.5 skills)

  • Sustains a volley exchange at the net and beginning to use directional control
  • Can demonstrate a block volley
  • Able to hit winning volley when a ball is popped up
  • Better consistency when performing 3rd shot drop from the baseline
  • Can hit 3rd shot drop from baseline during match play with greater success
  • Moves effectively with partner, easily switching sides, and communicates when required 
  • Controls play at the NVZ line, by keeping their opponent back if they’re at the baseline
  • Initiates & maintains a dink exchange to elicit a put away shot
  • Can demonstrate an effective poach, and understands when it’s appropriate
  • Able to change a fast paced strategy to a slow one and vice versa
  • Can consistently perform an overhead and beginning to place the shot for winners
  • Demonstrates control on forehand groundstrokes (direction, depth, height, spin)
  • Demonstrates control on backhand groundstrokes (direction, depth, height)
  • Keeps ball in play during rallies, minimizing errors
  • Able to adjust to differing ball speeds consistently
  • Uses offensive lobs effectively
  • Beginning to use spin effectively on a variety of shots
  • Maintains greater patience in dinks & rallies
  • Beginning to anticipate shots more frequently (watching opponents paddle face)

Skill Testing Requirement: Dinks

  • 17 out of 20 windshield wiper dinks

Skill Testing Requirement: 3rd shot drop from transition area (middle of the court)

  • Forehand down the line 4/5
  • Forehand cross court 4/5
  • Backhand down the line 4/5
  • Backhand cross court 4/5

Skill Testing Requirement: 3rd shot drop from baseline

  • Forehand 7/10
  • Backhand 7/10

Skill Testing Requirement: Volleys

  • Forehand Punch Volley with directional & depth control 4/5
  • Backhand Punch Volley with directional & depth control 4/5
  • Forehand Block Volley 4/5
  • Backhand Block Volley 4/5

Skill Testing Requirement: Overheads

  • Overheads 4/5

Skill Testing Requirement: Offensive lobs from NVZ line

  • Offensive lobs 4/5
  • 15 minutes of modified play consists of 3rd shot drop game from the baseline. CRS feeds the ball to start each point. Rotate partners at the conclusion of each game to 4.
  • 30 minutes of regular match play for evaluation. Rotate partners at the conclusion of each game to 8.

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