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*Skills are meant to be assessed in a real game situation*

Minimum of 60% needed to pass to the next rating level

LEVEL 2.5 (should also possess all 2.0 skills)

  • Knows the basic rules including two bounce rule, scoring and player position relative to scoring 
  • Demonstrates basic pendulum swing on the forehand & backhand side
  • Working on consistency while dinking down the line forehand & backhand
  • Working on consistency while dinking cross court forehand & backhand
  • Demonstrates proper side step movement while staying balanced at NVZ line
  • Demonstrates a punch volley
  • Is developing 3rd shot drop by dinking from the transition area
  • Attempting to hit 3rd shot drop from baseline during match play
  • Moving forward to approach NVZ for dinks & volleys
  • Demonstrates an overhead with the proper sideways turn, arm positioning and backward movement
  • Has good mobility and can move forward in a safe and balanced manner
  • Has good eye-hand coordination
  • Beginning to demonstrate control on forehand groundstrokes (direction, depth, height)
  • Uses a backhand ground stroke
  • Keeps ball in play during short rallies

Skill Testing Requirement: Dinks

  • Forehand down the line 6/10 
  • Forehand cross court 6/10
  • Backhand down the line 6/10 
  • Backhand cross court 6/10

Skill Testing Requirement: 3rd shot drop from transition area (middle of the court)

  • Forehand 5/10
  • Backhand 5/10

Skill Testing Requirement: Volleys

  • Forehand Punch Volley 6/10
  • Backhand Punch Volley 6/10

Skill Testing Requirement: Overhead

  • Overhead 3/10

Skill Testing Requirement: Serves 

  • Deuce Court 3/5
  • Ad Court 3/5

Skill Testing Requirement: Return of serves

  • Deuce Court 3/5
  • Ad Court 3/5

  • 15 minutes of modified play consists of dink game for evaluation, CRS feeds the ball to start each point. Rotate partners at the conclusion of each game to 4.
  • 30 minutes of regular match play for evaluation. Rotate partners at conclusion of each game to 8.

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