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*Skills are meant to be assessed in a real game situation*


  • I have only recently picked up the game the past few months.
  • I am learning the scoring, court lines and some basic rules of Pickleball.
  • I cannot play a full game yet as I am having a hard time sustaining a rally.
  • I understand the 2 bounce rule and the Non-Volley Zone. 

LEVEL 1.5 (must posses the previous level skills plus the following) 

  • I can keep a short rally but i still fail to return easy balls frequently.
  • I have played a few games but i occasionally  get mix up with my court positioning and scoring.
  • I am learning the proper serve, forehand, backhand and dinks techniques. 
  • I am learning to move around the court in a safe & balanced manner 
  • I am beginning to communicate with my partner

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